Thursday, March 17, 2011


This blog was created to share our adoption journey with our friends and family.  As we prepare for the child God has planned for us, I wanted a forum to document this journey, get advice, ask questions and share the hopes and dreams of a hopeful mom-to-be.

Thanks for reading...please keep Nathan and I in your thoughts and prayers as we prepare for parenthood, please pray for the biological parents of our precious baby as I would imagine this has to be the hardest decision of their lives and finally, please pray for the beautiful child that God has planned for us.  Just think...there will come a day when we will all celebrate this journey together and oh what a day that will be!


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  1. So excited for you & Nathan. You will make wonderful parents. Can't wait to meet your sweet little one & see pictures of it. I will be praying for the biological kind of you to be sensitive to them! Take care! Can't wait to take this journey with you through your words!