Sunday, May 22, 2011

Exciting times...

OH it has been entirely too long since I have posted...shame on me.  The good news is it's because I have been so dang busy!  Let me give you a quick overview:  Easter, my birthday weekend, end of the school year, finishing up class, graduating, going to other's graduations, finishing up our adoption classes, starting summer, four year anniversary and alumni weekend....whew! 

But this blog is not about my day planner now is it?  It's about this wonderful little journey we are on that most days feels like it is taking forever to go a mile...

-  we finished up our education classes!  Our class on infant care was very interesting.  Let me put it this way...there was a whole slide devoted to colors of poop!  Who knew??  We talked about the basics:  crying, sleeping and eating.  The funny thing is when we left I was starving, tired and could have possibly cried if I really wanted to.  We got a lot of helpful tid-bits from the physician and it was definitely one of my favorite classes.  My favorite part was the next morning actually...Nathan came in from work and he said "guess what?  I bought my first baby gift!"  I was so proud and suprised all at the same time.  All I could think was how thoughtful...I wonder what sweet gift he got?  Then out of his back he pulls out this package and says so enthusiastically, "It's a  rectal thermometer!"   Haha...he was so proud.  He told me that the doctor had highly recommended it last night during the class and he remembered that they had one on sale!  I love that about him...always practical and savvy.  Too funny don't you think?

- We went to our joint interview!  I was SO nervous but it wasn't bad at all.  Catie, our social worker, is phenominal and I was amazed at how relaxed and comfortable she makes you feel.  The interview was more like an overview of everything we need to do in the next two months.  Talk about overwhelming!  The check list is a page long and we have a lot to do.  The biggest thing coming up are our individual interviews.  We each have to answer questions about ourselves (by ourselves) and then you go over them with your social worker.  The questions are pretty significant  like "what was it like being a kid in your family?"  What made you fall in love with your spouse?"  "What keeps you in love with your spouse?"  "How were you disciplined as a child"...our interviews are in a little over two weeks so I will defintely let you know how that goes.

-  Finally, I have been around two couples in the past three weeks who have had a baby placed in their home.  The first was a couple we met at one of our classes.  We had a potluck dinner and sat beside them.  They had been waiting for two years and got to bring their baby boy home the VERY next day...what an amazing story and I was so happy for them.  Additionally, one of my co-workers and her husband had been thinking about adoption and started the process independently (they didn't use an agency)...they spread the word that they were wanting to adopt and they just brought home baby Charlotte...she is so beautiful in her pictures! They had only started the process a few months ago...unbelieveable.  A friend of mine asked me why we were using an agency and I said because I can't just put an ad in the paper that says WANTED: beautiful baby to be the center of my world for all the days of my life.  OR....AVAILABLE:  loving family to love and raise your child.  It just doesn't work that way :)  Whether, we end up having an independent adoption or one through our agency...I know that they will be the perfect child for us.

Thank you for all of your support...I will post much sooner this next time.

Much love,

Filling out LOTS of paper work but its worth it mom-to-be

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